This building was built by Charles Koop in 1869. The Koop family lived and worked in the building, operating a boot and shoe making business until the early 1900’s.

The building, a two-story brick structure, includes an apartment on the second floor and commercial area on the first floor. Additionally, a barn-like structure had been attached to the rear of the building until about 1955. This structure was rented by the city for storage of trucks and snow plows.

Later, a plumbing and electric shop was operated by Burt Jackson and Elwood Gray in the building. As sponsors of the Tipp Merchants football team, they allowed the team to dress in the rear of the building. A beauty parlor was run by Ruth Sprecher from the second floor.

A bake shop was then located in the building for approximately seven years that was operated by Harry “Krid” Krieder. And in the 1940s, Nelson Grimm and Charles Smith started a creamery which was purchased and operated as Huffman’s Creamery.

Beginning in 1944, the building was used as a family restaurant run by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pates, then by the Pickerings, followed by Bill and Flora Senseman. In 1947 it was purchased by “Ma and Pop” Pittingers and they ran a family restaurant until 1955 when Mary Belle Fulton bought it. She named the business L & C after her husband Clyde and son, Lloyd.

Sam and Ethel Moore purchased the building in 1957 and opened Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant, a name that has endured ever since. Their son, John (a 1958 graduate of Tippecanoe High School) took over the business in 1969 and the family operated it for over 30 years. Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant closed in 1999, reportedly due to lack of workers, but was reopened in the early 2000s by Debbie Mikolajewski. In 2009, Keith Long bought the restaurant and remodeled it to bring back the historic appearance of the restaurant, which included a tin ceiling and oak counter.

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