The building that currently houses Harrison's Restaurant was built in 1854 by John and Robert Morrison in the Federal Influence style. Throughout its history, the building often housed more than one business at a time. It was first used for Yount and Jay’s General Store.

In 1869, an enthusiastic Tippecanoe City resident named A.W. Miles encouraged Joshua Horton to start a paper in their “boom town.” He agreed and began publishing a newspaper, the Tippecanoe Herald, in the second floor. Mr. Horton sold $2 annual subscriptions while standing on a box at the street corner. The newspaper would continue publishing in Tipp City for more than 110 years.

A dry goods store opened in the east room in 1898 and continued in that location until 1911. Part of the building became a drug store starting in 1906, which first operated as Ten Eyck’s Drug Store, then as Grant and Cooper Drugs, and later Fred Grant operated it alone. Between approximately 1913 and 1920, Carl Frings had a meat market in the back of the building, with a Second Street entrance.

A Kroger grocery store occupied part of the building in 1922, later becoming the Opps Grocery. In the 1920s the business was purchased and run by Louis Priller. During this same time, the J.H. Horton and Company had real estate offices on the second floor. In the early 1940s Bill Dorsey operated the grocery.

The third floor over the years has been the home of The Armory, the Tippecanoe Silver Band - active as far back as the Civil War, and the first Chamber of Commerce meetings took place here operating as The Businessmen’s masonic hall. In the late 1930s a restaurant was opened on the first floor of the building. Ownership of the restaurant changed several times. Owners included Charles Priller, who expanded the restaurant into a second room; Chuck Schlingman & Art Kirsch, the Moran family (1960s), Donald Croces (in the early 1970s), and the Sanos family. In 1975 Patrick Phelan began managing Paddy’s Tippecanoe Inn and purchased the building outright in 1980. Paddy’s operated into the 2000s. The restaurant was purchased and reopened as Harrison's in 2006.

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