Tipp City was founded in 1840, as Tippecanoe City, by John Clark. Mr. Clark was a farmer and worked the land just east of the canal near Main Street.

Mr. Clark was a member of the Whig political party and was a supporter of presidential candidate William Henry Harrison. In 1840, an estimated 100,000 people attended an “endorsing convention” held in Dayton for Mr. Harrison. At the time, Dayton had a population of less than 7,000. Enthusiasm was high for this event and Mr. Clark participated by erecting a temporary log cabin and hosting a party on the southeast corner of First and Main Streets. A log cabin was one of the symbols used in the campaign. The festivities included horse races, shooting matches, and wrestling.

In the aftermath, Mr. Clark decided to name the new town after the presidential campaign, which had the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!” This noted both Harrison’s military victory at the Tippecanoe River and his running mate John Tyler.

In 1850 Mr. Clark built his home, which was patterned after the Maryland Governor’s Mansion, at the site of the 1840 log cabin festivities. The home featured luxuries such as a dumbwaiter that carried food food from the basement kitchen to the upstairs dining room.

After Mr. Clark passed away in 1857 his son, John Jr., and later his other descendants, lived in the home until the Fraternal Order of Eagles purchased it in 1937 for their Aerie, which it remains to this day.

The Eagles expanded the building in 1948 and 1970 to accommodate their growing membership and needs.

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